Leaderboards are another gamification mechanics. Their function is to provide feedback to users by comparing their in-game results with the results of others.

Leaderboards are relevant to the "Ratings" category. Contrary to Halls of fame, the Leaderboards display not a limited number of particularly resultative individuals but rather all of users ranked based on a specific indicator.

Leaderboards are relevant to the layer of feedback and social layer in the model of gamification (see Model).

Strong effect

Leaderboards indicate users' rating by comparing them to other players.

Weak effect

The fact of comparing as well as the competition may lead to anxiety of certain users. This problem could be solved by implementing the system of parallel leaderboards, with it being impossible to be on top of several leaderboards. In other words, these should be leaderboards based on different indicators, each of which is valuable to the gameplay. The more such leaderboards you implement, the higher the chance of each user to show themselves.

Duration of the effect

A game that can be completed by being ranked on a certain leaderboard is suitable for short-term objectives. When the gamification is long-term, you should set up a variety of leaderboards based on different indicators, as well as the system of reset and updating.

What can I do with this?

It’ good to make the certain rank on the leaderboard perceived as the means and not the goal, so it’s value will last longer. This way, a certain rank on the leaderboard is valuable not for its sake but rather to obtain new elements of the game.
Demonstration of the rank on the leaderboard is a crucial mechanic that allows players to display their achievements for others to note