Experience is one of the basic gamification mechanics that quantitatively measures the user's in-game progress. Unlike points (see Points), the experience focuses on the demonstration of inner development and self-enrichment. Those are namely not just the points earned but rather skills and abilities acquired by a user.

Experience is relevant to the narrative layer as well as to the general layer of feedback in the model of gamification (see Model).


Strong effect

Experience is a variation of the points, which is why this mechanic tends to be a basic element of gamification. The users can learn what actions move them forward, providing new perspectives and opportunities, and what actions hinder their development, by gaining a certain amount of experience.

Weak effect

Be sure to track whether the amount of experience gained is an accurate reflection of the game's set of values. The game's set of values should at the same time reflect corporate or social values. You should also note that the more frequently users gain experience, the lower its value is. The system of gaining experience should be thoroughly balanced.

Duration of the effect

A game that can be completed by gaining a certain amount of experience is suitable for short-term objectives. When the gamification is of a long-term nature, you should implement a more sophisticated system, for instance, of resetting the amount of experience or converting it into other items.

What can I do with this?

The main goal of gamification is to further motivate the user to act in one way or another. Gaining an experience is one of the motivating mechanics that allow users to control their development. Users will be satisfied with the result and will get a sense of fulfillment by gaining experience.
The higher is the amount of users' experience, the higher their in-game status is. The ability to accumulate the points of experience is another motivating mechanic for completing the actions for which the game was designed.
An experience should not be the goal of the game. Then it will be valued by users longer. The experience should be accumulated not for the sake of its amount but rather to obtain or discover new in-game elements.
Demonstration of experience points to other users also positively affects the player's motivation. When players report their achievements, they raise their in-game social rating and set the benchmark for other players to follow.