HR emergency assistance

Difficulty level — medium
This company needs a superhero, and any employee can become one. Wearing a suit and a fluttering cape is optional: helping the HR department will be enough. Meanwhile, a system of bonuses, badges, and awards should be implemented within the company to motivate employees to get involved in the recruiting process. Based on the results, a ranking list will be formed, and those who will find themselves at the top will receive tangible or non-tangible bonuses. For example, the top five employees being the greatest assistance to the HR department will be granted two extra vacation days.


Recruiting for the team will become easier
A referral bonus will be a great motivation for recruiting applicants. Besides, an inbound survey is always less expensive than an outbound one: both in terms of tangible costs and time input.
Recruiter will have less work to do
Usually, a manager leaves a recruiter a request for finding an applicant with no detailed instructions. This results in both of them spending a lot of time on multiple iterations of edits. If the hiring manager drafts the job description himself, it simplifies the recruiter's work.
The employees will become more engaged in the corporate life
This is due to two important factors. The first one reflects the employees' sense of how important everyone's contribution to the development of the company is. The second — the employees' growing awareness of the company's strategic plans and current situation.
The cross-functional collaboration will improve
Employees will get a chance to get better acquainted and learn how other departments work. This will allow for a better understanding of the specifics of colleagues' work and improve cooperation between departments.

Key Performance Indicators

number of participants
If your reward system is of real value to your employees, the number of employees who participate in the program will increase monthly.
fill rate dynamics
When the mechanics work, positions will be filled faster.
decrease of turnover rate
The referral program and a more effective approach to job descriptions will help.
the monthly number of open positions reposted
Implement a reward system for employees who post information about open positions in the company on their pages in social networks — and keep track of this indicator.

Required resources

UX/UI designer
HR manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Prioritize those tasks of the HR department, which require assistance
For instance:
publication of open position posts in social networks;
filling out the information about the open position (hiring specification, description of an applicant);
publication of valuable and limited recruitment resources on the corporate portal
references of colleagues to an open position.​​

It is advisable to apply the potion only to the key indicators, not targeting all at once. For instance, when you have a hard time filling positions — simply implement points for publishing them. It allows you to clearly track the result, and employees can gradually become accustomed to the points accumulation system and ranking.
Develop a system of bonuses and rewards
It is advisable to grant participants a certain number of points for each action. The points are then summed up; you compile a ranking and reward the most active ones. The rewards can be tangible (money, equipment, travels) or non-tangible (extra vacation days, Working Breakfast with an expert). The best in certain categories can also be awarded. For instance: "Lore keeper" to the one, who filled out the most job descriptions, or "Loudspeaker" to the employee who reposted the most open positions on social networks.
Notify employees of the program launch
Submit a newsletter, post information on the program on the portal. The best way is to make a presentation and explain the reasons for this novelty.
Be sure to keep track of the benchmarks
In six months, the results can be shared with the whole company. This will further motivate employees to participate in the program.