Onboarding via the map

Difficulty level — easy
Mischief managed! Set up your Marauder's Map to display the layout of your office, floor, or department. A new employee should navigate through the map, perform tasks, get acquainted with colleagues, and learn new things in the allotted time. It is advisable to team up several newcomers and grant a prize to the team that completes all the stages faster than the others.


Newcomers will get acquainted with their colleagues
Through the mechanics, you will transform the formal process of onboarding and acquainting with the colleagues into the structure. It may be of any context: serious, neutral, or entertaining.
Onboarding time will reduce
A new employee can quickly learn the layout of the departments and their structure. An employee's path of getting introduced to the company, coworkers, and responsibilities will be more straightforward. Furthermore, this form comes with a physical data carrier in the form of a map, to which the employee can return at any time and make any necessary notes.
Employee turnover rate will decrease
The smoother, faster, and more comfortable the onboarding time is, the less likely the newcomer is to leave the position in the first six months of the employment.

Key Performance Indicators

Employees' NPS
Measure the employee's NPS. This indicator reflects the overall level of satisfaction of an employee and willingness to recommend a product, service, or process. When the NPS > 7, that means you are doing everything right.
decrease of employee turnover rate
The better you screen newcomers' skills at the start, the more likely it is they will fit in the job and stay with you long-term.

Required resources

HR manager
Graphic designer
Project manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Map the employee's movements
Consider a list of employees and departments with which the newcomer must become acquainted in order to remain productive later on. Include a brief description of the departments' functionality, their locations, and some interesting and memorable facts about each one. For instance, the fact that the marketing experts enjoy sweets. Consider a list of questions that the employees are expected to ask colleagues and possibly a list of specific tasks: for instance, to get acquainted with product sales statistics for the past year. Employees in contact with the newcomer should also have instructions on what they should say and ask. Display the newcomer's movements on the map. The map could be both fantasy-style (such as your office as a fairyland) or realistic.
Add gamification mechanics
They are a set of specific tools that engage the individual in the gameplay, regardless of context or final goal. Through these mechanics, the individual experiences satisfaction while playing the game or completing the quest. For instance, each of your employees will give out a specific number of points or badges in their department. The newcomer collects these points and can later spend them at the corporate store. You also have the option to use the progress bar mechanics, with each completed stage closing the level. This will encourage the employee to complete all the stages.
Collect the feedback
Learn more about the way newcomers and more experienced employees approach this format overall, what they liked and what they disliked. The system may have interfered with their work, or they may not see its utility. It is advisable to adjust the game after each feedback session.