Orgstructure visualization

Difficulty level — medium
Remember the Westeros map from the opening of the Game of Thrones? You might consider creating a similar one about your employees. It is advisable to make every tile clickable so that you could click on a colleague's name and see his or her photo or read the information. As the employees move along the map, they earn points that can be exchanged for a prize, such as lunch with a manager.


Onboarding time will reduce
The newcomer will now know which area of responsibility each employee has. An employee's path of getting introduced to the company, coworkers, and responsibilities will be more straightforward. Or, if you implement a test to check the knowledge acquired, the employee will have no need to go back to the map.
Employee turnover rate will decrease
The smoother, faster, and more comfortable the onboarding time is, the less likely the newcomer is to leave the position in the first six months of the employment.

Key Performance Indicators

Employees’ NPS
Measure the applicant's NPS after the onboarding stage. This indicator reflects the overall level of satisfaction of an employee and willingness to recommend a product, service, or process. When the NPS > 7, that means you are doing everything right.
decrease of employee turnover rate
The better you catch the newcomers' attention at the start, the more likely it is that they will fit in the job and stay with you long-term.
map traffic rate
Track whether or not the employees are using this tool. Set up the reminders in the form of newsletters or desktop memos. When this rate is low, that means the utility of the tool has not been properly conveyed to the employee.
test results
We advise you to test an employee after each completed block. Include multiple-choice questions to simplify the test. Test whether the employees are thoroughly informed about the company's structure and their area of responsibility.

Required resources

UX/UI designer
HR manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Collect data on the employees
Collect full names, accurate job and departmental titles, photos, and interesting facts about each employee.
Collect the feedback
Learn more about the way newcomers and more experienced employees approach this format overall, what they liked and what they disliked. The system may have interfered with their work, or they may not see its utility. We advise you to adjust the game after each feedback session.
Add gamification mechanics
Consider for what specific activities the employees will earn reward points as they move along the map. It could be a simple opening of the employee tile or perhaps completing the key questions to test the knowledge of the company structure.
Set up a prize
Decide in advance on who will get what gift for completing all stages of the map.