Social rating

Difficulty level — medium
Five points to Gryffindor! Develop a system of users' social rating, the so-called karma. Karma indicates the level of users's helpfulness in the community. In order to get a higher rating, certain actions need to be performed. Karma should be visible to all users. For example, such question and answer sites as Yandex.Q, Answers, and others. People get the ranks of a beginner, an expert, etc., for various actions: questions answering, grading other users.


User engagement will increase
The approval of others is of utmost importance for the majority of people. When receiving a positive reaction from the public, we instinctively try to repeat the action or behavior we had been rewarded for. If you set up the social approval system so that the community members can praise each other for certain actions, this will contribute positively to product engagement.
The product engagement will increase
Whenever we are engaged in using a product, accumulating or spending resources, an attachment is being formed. In this context, every point received from other users is an accumulation, while the grade given to others is a spent resource. The more such actions users performs, the longer he wants to interact with the product.
Brand awareness will increase
When a user receives a special award confirming his efforts, he would like to share it with friends on social media.
Users Generated Content (UGC) will get enriched
You enable users to stimulate each other for certain actions. Every time a community member helps another one, he receives approval: a like, a comment. He will have a desire to repeat this experience, so he will produce more content.

Key Performance Indicators

number of social awards
If they become more numerous, then the participants have become more engaged in the process.
number of repeated sessions
Check whether the number of repeated visits to your service has increased among those who received or gifted the award to another participant.
UGC volume
If the mechanics work, users will post more content. It is advisable to compare categories where a system of social awards is provided or not provided.
number of reposts
Monitor how active people are in sharing their achievements on social media. Be sure to tell the participant that it will bring him a reward or a badge. Provide the "Share" button.

Required resources

UX/UI designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Define what you want the community members to reward users for
Reflect on what activities matter to your community and what is the principal action a user should perform. These can be likes, comments, answers to each other's questions, tips, posting photos and videos.
Come up with a system for awards' receiving, accumulating, and displaying
You can enable users to like, give tokens, or virtual currency. Or probably you will decide to give awards by joint voting. One more option is the ability of only certain groups of people to give social awards, e.g., moderators, the most active participants, top-rated users. Develop a system for points accumulation. For example, a user can receive a special contribution badge for ten "Thank you"s from other members. Be sure to provide the "Share" button.
Implement the system into your platform
These mechanics can be used both on corporate portals and in the current chats in messengers.
Remind participants of the reward system
Provide a push notification system to inform users about receiving an award. Notifications will evoke positive emotions and motivate users to proceed with socially approved behavior.