Storytelling in mailshots

Difficulty level — easy
How long will Harry Potter's parents' savings last, considering his financial literacy level? These and other cases can be addressed in a series of mailshots. It is way more exciting to analyze complicated issues on the example of celebrated movies or books than reading tiresome textbooks. For that reason, your audience will definitely like these mechanics.


The interest in your brand will increase
Analyzing the product from the perspective of pop culture will generate readers' interest and will provide new insights into the product and the phenomenon. Media personalities, plots, and characters have a special place in the hearts of many people. In this way, you create an emotional attachment to the brand. Moreover, you are natively introducing your reader to the brand via familiar stories. This enhances the credibility and the number of prospective requests.
Email Open Rate and Read-Through Rate will increase
Make the rubric regular. Then it will be waited on by your readers while emails will be opened more often than standard marketing mailshots.
Brand awareness will increase
Mass media and influencers will cover interesting and offbeat mailshots. And the readers will willingly share the rubric with their friends.

Key Performance Indicators

open rate
It indicates the number of times subscribers have opened your emails. It is measured in percentages and is calculated by dividing the number of opened emails by the number of emails successfully delivered. Headlines can increase this metric; these should be teaser headlines directly related to your clients' interests and goals.
click-through rate
Click-Through Rate determines the number of clicks on email links. It is measured in percentages and is calculated by dividing the number of recorded clicks by the number of successfully delivered messages. In order to increase it, the text of a letter should be carefully worked out. It should possess all the features of an involving story: the beginning, climax, resolution, and call to action. If everything has been logically structured, you will get the coveted click on the button.
unsubscribe rate
It shows the number of users having clicked on the unsubscribe link (usually placed in the footer) and having refused to receive any mailshots. It happens when your emails are not relevant for the reader or if they are too frequent.

Required resources

E-mail Marketer
Graphic designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Describe your product and target audience
Study what your consumer is doing, where he is going, what his interests are, and what is important to him. Describe in detail all the problems and challenges your client faces in everyday life. In what ways can your product help him or her overcome these issues? Apply Osterwald's Value Proposition Design model to facilitate this task.
Make a list of media phenomena that can be used
Consider which of these phenomena depict your clients' tasks and pains. Which fictional characters resemble your clients or may face the same challenges? Use your product to help these characters solve their issues. Or simply make these phenomena thematically related to your brand.
Schedule the mailshots
Schedule the mailshots Such a rubric can endure for years. Therefore, check the initial feedback and decide on the cost-effectiveness of sustaining such a mailshot. If the metrics are high, we recommend mailing this rubric to the base no more than once a week. Remember to adapt emails' headers and subject lines for each segment of the target audience.
Track the indicators
Adjust the content and delivery depending on metrics.