Promotional videogame

Difficulty level — hard
A knight, a wandering bard, or a powerful wizard - try on all of these roles in the videogame. Involve your future customers in an adventure introducing them to the company brand, its goods, and services. Create a general public users' game, e.g., an arcade, a runner, or an adventure novel. Its mechanics are simple; thus, it is pleasant to while away the time in it. Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, and Homescapes are examples of such games. They introduce consumers to the product and bring them positive emotions.


Brand credibility will uplift
You will introduce consumers to the brand via the game. Depending on the company's product, various games can be created. For example, for an FMCG company, a simple arcade with goods and services as playable elements could be a good fit. But if consumers' deeper understanding is needed, e.g., understanding how to use a product, then a novel game with narration and various scripts can be created. Gamification brings customers new pleasant emotions, and above all, enables their attachment to the product.
Product/brand awareness will boost
Games evoke emotions people want to share: to advise them to a friend, colleague, or relative. That will create a viral word-of-mouth effect making it possible to encompass more potential customers.

Key Performance Indicators

Click through rate (CTR)
CTR is defined as the ratio of the number of clicks on a banner or advertisement to the number of impressions. This metric is measured in percentages. Monitor it so that to analyze the level of the attractiveness of your game advertisement. Game development will be less effective if there is no high-quality promotion.
number of players
It is essential to be aware of the number of people who decided to play since promotional marketing alone is not enough. Luring a person into the game from the landing page is important.
playing time
The game should be absorbing. The more interesting it is, the more people will be able to build an emotional connection to the product. If a person spends plenty of time playing, then the objective has been attained.
number of reposts
The number of reposts is a metric showing how strong is the user's emotional engagement. With the increase in the reposts' number, product awareness rises.
use of hyperlinks
If the traffic on the product page has increased, you have succeeded in getting customers interested in the game. Remember to leave the link to the site after each level is completed.

Required resources

Project manager
marketing specialist
UI/UX designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Create your target audience profile
Determine basic demographic characteristics and the lifestyle of your prospective client. Create an approximate image: male or female, teenager or adult, student or employed person, etc. Answer the central questions: whether the future client uses a smartphone or a computer most often to consume information and when he or she plays games. This information will give you an understanding of which game to create, where to promote it, and how to build an emotional connection.
Create a game
Consider two major components of a successful casual game — metagame and the core gameplay.
The basic gameplay is a set of specific actions the player needs to perform. For example, to jump over the obstacles, collect the same color elements, or shoot at a target. Any mechanics appropriate for your prospective client's character may be chosen.
The metagame is an additional semantic content of the basic gameplay. It provides the answer to the question of why we are playing this game. It can be a character story playthrough, skill boost, or earning coins that can be used to build a house. The metagame component should be related to your product. This is where emotions and attachment emerge.
Popularize the game
The priority is to get great coverage and not to lose users after a click. To that end, make sure that the game is available on all devices. We suggest that you do not create a separate app for different platforms. It is better to create a simple landing page to enter the game via a browser. It is easy to promote and to get one-click statistics. Remember about the "share" button: it will provide free traffic.
Analyze the results
Track all the above-mentioned aspects and draw conclusions. If you are not satisfied with the result, examine all possible failure causes. Perhaps you have chosen the wrong target audience, or your basic gameplay was not interesting. The reasons can vary significantly, but the main thing is finding and analyzing them and redressing the situation.