Interactive banner

Difficulty level — medium
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, Tell me, pretty looking glass, Nothing but the truth, I ask..." A magic mirror, like an interactive banner, draws attention and provides opportunities for interaction. For example, learning about the product, visiting the brand site, or making a purchase. Replace a usual advertisement with it, and you will achieve greater commitment to your product.


Сoverage will enhance
The banner interactivity attracts attention and eliminates the banner blindness effect: more people see the advertisement and do not ignore it. Many consumers do not even always understand that they have just interacted with the advertisement.
Recognition and rememberability of the product will increase
Interactivity and singularity cause emotional commitment to the product. The user ceases to be an observer and becomes the process participant. Your advertisement will stay longer in the client's mind.
An opportunity to train consumers will appear
Using this game, it is possible to organize a preliminary onboarding process (immersion into the product). For example, to include mini-scripts with the use of your product. It will help the user to immediately enjoy all the advantages.

Key Performance Indicators

CTR (Click-Through Rate)
This metric indicates how many people who saw the banner clicked on it and started playing. Compare the number of impressions with the number of clicks on different ads, and you will be able to analyze their effectiveness.
CPC (Cost per Click)
This metric will show you the price for the targeted click switching a person from the advertisement to the website. We recommend that you consider referrals to the site instead of the beginning of the client's interaction with the banner (the game launch).

Required resources

Motion designer
UX/UI designer
Project Manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Create a game
Your game should represent a demo version of the product in a mini format, educate the user or just entertain him. Most frequently, it is possible to use all three formats. Most importantly, determine your goals. In case you want to emotionally involve as many people as possible and improve brand awareness, develop a simple casual game. If you want, for example, to collect contact details or receive an order on the website, then try an educational format. The best way is to test several options.
Place the CTA button
It is essential to place the CTA (call-to-action button) at the very beginning of the advertisement, as there will be only two seconds to attract the user's attention. The "Play" button works best. Remember about the second CTA button at the end of the game: offer to go to the site, make a purchase or share with friends.