Difficulty level — medium
"If you go straight, you will find happiness; if you go left, you will get money; if you go right, you will see your destiny." The guiding stone is a sort of a dice: it indicates directions and the number of steps. Launch a board game related to your product. Implementation formats may vary. For example, the client can print out the board game, or it can be released in a ready-made format. As a promo, print information about it on the product packages.


Brand awareness will increase
The game on the product packaging will attract attention. In addition, you can use the usual promo channels to promote it: the unique format will captivate future customers. Remember about the channels focused on board games.
Engagement with the product will advance
You will be able to build an emotional commitment to the brand since board game playthrough takes plenty of time. The longer the user plays, the more he or she enjoys the process. Pleasantness is the key to a brand/product commitment. Besides, you can create a game with the script getting customers acquainted with the product.
The average purchase size will go up
Create a game that you need to return to several times to play it through. For example, to complete several episodes. This will make the consumer buy more of your product to complete the game.
Extra cross-sell will emerge
Market the game along with other services and products of the brand/company. You will get an extra profit and increase consumer engagement. For example, one corporate dating service has released a board game helping employees to get to know each other better. It was sold as a full-fledged product. They increased their profit and attracted a new audience to their service.

Key Performance Indicators

sales dynamics
If you print the game on the product packaging or sell the game with it, total sales will increase.
average purchase size
If you have applied the collecting mechanics and decided to provide incentives for the consumer to buy more of your product, track the growth of this metric.

Required resources

Game designer
Graphic designer
Project manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Choose the game type
Two ways are available: to create a brand-new game or adapt the existing one to a certain product. The first way is far more labor-intensive: it is possible that you will not be able to create a game on your own; you will need the assistance of experienced game designers and other outside contractors. But if you can afford it, this option is worth considering. For instance, the brand "B. Yu. Aleksandrov" designed their curd snack packages with a game inside. Each box offers you different tasks for the completion of which you need to buy more curd snacks. "B. Yu. Aleksandrov" managed to significantly improve sale rates, enlarge the audience, and come into the spotlight.

A simpler way is to adopt an existing game to your goals. For example, you can use the game mechanics of Monopoly and Charades and relate them to the company/brand products.
Decide on the branding
You can create a game with your own brand and logo. In this case, the consumer will associate the game with you only, but it makes the game more challenging to sell. If you adopt an existing game to your goals, negotiate with its initial developer and create a collaborative branding. It will help to enlarge the audience and cut down on promotion.
Decide on sales channels
Several game promotion ways are available:

– Via your own sales channels. It will increase the product value and uniqueness in the consumers' minds, but your sales may decrease. – Via standard distribution channels. The consumer will see a relatively new product in familiar surroundings. This will attract attention and increase the number of clients. Let's take "B. Yu. Aleksandrov" curd snacks as an example: in search of yogurt, a bar, or a curd snack on the shelf, the consumer comes across a game. – Via game stores. People come to these stores intending to buy the game. Your product certainly will not be old stock; its recognition will boost. We suggest that you try this sales channel regardless of your company domain.