Managerial battles

Difficulty level — hard
If you want to become a strong commander and lead the people to victory, you have to think big. We advise you to conduct a roleplay on an online platform to assess how well applicants can handle the management positions. For instance, the marketing expert obtains a product, having data on two competitors' analogs. By changing various indicators, the marketing expert holds a certain share of the market with each round of play. Achieving a larger market share than your competitors can be considered a success. The game will reflect the manager's ability to think big. The outcome and process of the game can be discussed in detail at the stage of an interview and thus learn more about the way the applicant solves the problems. These game mechanics can be applied not only in the selection round but also in the assessment of the current employees.


Efficiency of the recruitment process will improve
A thematic board game will allow the assessment of both the hard and soft skills of an applicant. Applicants tend to get nervous during an assessment because of the formal setting. A game format can solve this issue.
Employer brand awareness will increase
This way of selection is memorable and attention-grabbing. Not only will you get feedback from the applicants in private, but you also get a chance to be covered in the branch industry mass media.
The number of completed test tasks will increase
Note that while selecting for a position of a marketing expert, not only do you assess the applicants, but they assess you as well. The higher the grade, the more rejections from the applicants you will receive. Therefore, it is important to engage and interest applicants at every stage of the selection round. This method of assessing the knowledge and skills of the applicants as a substitute for the standard home case arouses at least some interest. It also displays you as a company that takes a deep and unconventional approach to selecting applicants for a position, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in a modeled situation.

Key Performance Indicators

rejection rate
When the overall bounce rate of the applicants at the home case stage decreases, then the potion is working.
decrease of employee turnover rate
The better you screen newcomers' skills at the start, the more likely it is they will fit in the job and stay with you long-term.
increase of the recruitment process efficiency
The game will reflect the manager's ability to think big. The outcome and process of the game can also be discussed in detail at the stage of an interview and thus learn more about the way the applicant solves the problems.

Required resources

UX/UI designer
HR manager
Project manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Specify the qualifications for the position
List a clear set of knowledge and skills the applicant needs to play the role successfully. This game is suitable for assessing an applicant's hard skills: the ability to manage finances, manage purchasing, marketing abilities, and data-driven investments.
Write a game script
Set up the metagame and gameplay. The basic gameplay is a set of specific actions to be carried out during the game. For instance, an applicant may acquire or sell resources, invest in product development, or manage to price. The metagame is an additional semantic content of the basic gameplay. It addresses the reason we play. The metagame component, in this case, indicates whether or not the applicant has overall performed well in the game. For instance, an applicant succeeded if the product has taken a large market share. Or perhaps you have embedded a value of innovation and forward-thinking in your company's metagame. Then a good player may not have time to gain a market share but rather correctly invest in the development of new products.

We advise you to add the following elements to the game:

a competition between applicants
data-driven elements
an element of chance
Assess the applicant
You may either grant points to the applicants at the end of each round or select that applicant who came up with the ultimate goal. We recommend choosing the first option. As the failure on the test assignment is not always caused by the applicant's lack of knowledge and skills. Interview the best applicants and discuss the results of the game with them. This way, you will learn how they think and understand the way they make decisions.
Give a feedback
Be sure to give feedback to all applicants after the game, so they do not leave in disappointment and confusion. Describe their assessment and why they got these points.
Collect the feedback
Learn about the applicants' overall attitude toward this format, memorable details, and what impressions they came away with. We advise you to adjust the game after each feedback session.