Resignation map

Difficulty level — easy
Off with their heads! Or perhaps a painless and cheerful resignation would be a bit better? To ensure that an employee's last impression of your company is a positive one, We advise you to turn their resignation into a game. Sketch and print out a map with the following tasks: turn in equipment, sign documents, clean up your workspace. Assign employees responsible for each block who will mark its successful passing - for instance, by attaching a sticker to the map. At the final stage, the employee meets with a manager or HR, receives feedback and a gratifying company bonus.


Recruiters will work less
The HR will have no need to remind the employee what to do before resigning. The game format will spark interest, encourage the employees, and the final bonus will motivate them to pass all the stages.
Employer brand awareness will increase
The game format will cheer up the resigning employees and their colleagues. This mechanics allows collecting two-way feedback and maintaining a pleasant emotional connection with the employee. The employee will stay loyal and will spread only good memories of your company.

Key Performance Indicators

Employee's NPS
NPS is a net promoter score. It indicates the employee's willingness to recommend your company or product to his/her acquaintances. The higher the score, the higher is their satisfaction level. This indicator directly affects the recognition of your employer's brand.

Required resources

Graphic designer
HR manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Define a checklist for quitting employees
Decide on the departments an employee should visit and for what reason. An employee may have to turn in or pick up the documents, sort out the equipment, pass on the tasks, or conduct feedback sessions with colleagues. Outline the path of the resigning employee using a flowchart.
Transfer it to the real map
Set up a character who will move along this map completing the tasks. Feel free to take any board game in map format as a basis. We advise you to create a map on the basis of your corporate values and business line. If you are in the construction business, for instance, the map can be made in the form of a maze at a construction site, which you have to escape.
Include gamification
First of all, set up a final bonus and a challenge. You can offer a bonus in the form of a gift (such as merch, a certificate, or something else) and a feedback session with the manager as a challenge. Give specific and simple tasks at each stage of the quest, such as: pick up your employment record book, return your work laptop. Assign someone to be responsible at each stage (for instance, an IT expert to monitor the equipment). Be sure to give instructions at the start to combine the quest into one ecosystem, the goal of which is to leave a pleasant impression. For instance, mention that the employees can thank each person in charge with whom they will interact. Or encourage an employee to give positive feedback to the colleague. While a colleague, meanwhile, can give out tokens/tick off for each of these actions.
Give a feedback
Make a standard feedback session after the employee completes every stage.
Collect the feedback
It is important to collect feedback. What is an employee's attitude towards this format? Had an employee felt comfortable? Was there anything new for the employee to learn about himself/herself or his/her colleagues? We advise you to adjust the game after each feedback session.