Cyber attack from the air

Difficulty level — hard
Invite your top managers to become Batman, Spider-Man, or any other superhero. Create a simulation strategy game that will immerse them in the situation of a real cyberattack on the company. Users will see the consequences of their decisions and the damage cyber fraudsters can cause to the company. During the simulation, the player needs to maintain profits and business indicators, solve emerging issues, make decisions based on sometimes inaccurate information and in resource-limited settings. To make the game more realistic, it can be supplemented by some external items.


Managers will become more aware of cybersecurity
The simulator will help you choose the most competent strategy for the development of cyber fraudster-protected services.
Cyberattacks preparedness will improve
The mechanics will provide real examples of losses an organization can suffer if the executive is unable or unaware of how to react correctly to cyber fraudsters. Moreover, it will help to understand what tasks and duties to assign to the responsible units for the fastest and most effective solution of problems.
The number of incidents will decrease
The number of incidents will decrease Learning from practical examples will reduce the number of cyber threat-related incidents.

Key Performance Indicators

NPS of participants
Measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The metric shows the participants' willingness to recommend the simulator-assisted learning to other top managers. The higher the players' level of satisfaction, the higher the NPS. If NPS is above 7, everything is done correctly.
Number of incidents
Such a training format will help to reduce the number of cyberattack incidents within the company. Measure this metric before and after the training. The result will be visible in about a month after the training. If the number of incidents has decreased, the training is working correctly.
Decision-making time
During the simulation, each new decision on cybersecurity will be made by the top manager faster than the previous one. It means the tool is working properly.
Number of correctly made decisions
If the simulation is methodologically correct, the playthrough quality will increase with each new simulation.

Required resources

Project manager
Методолог по кибербезопасности
UX/UI designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Develop a methodological framework for the simulator
Describe the necessary scripts for cyberattacks and their repelling for the defender player. From 5 to 7 of these scripts will be enough to start. Then gradually add scripts updating the simulator.
Develop a simulator
The simulator can be either a part of a corporate educational platform or a standalone website. To undertake this task, it is worth engaging the company addressing such issues, or each of the specialists individually. It is essential to adapt methodological texts to the chosen simulator subject. Consider what company the top manager will represent and which specialists will participate in cyberattacks repelling. At the beginning of the simulation, inform the top manager of who he/she is, what he/she is doing here, what kind of company this is. Throughout the game, the player should see his/her development through filling the progress bar, earning points, receiving achievements. It is advisable to decide on the list of cases the user should make a quick decision under a time limit. This will bring the conditions closer to the real ones for the top manager to understand that time is limited and there is no time to wait in case a similar situation occurs in his/her company.
Provide the training and gather feedback
Organize training for the top management using the simulator. The training can be either included on the list of compulsory courses or provided on the list for the company executive to choose from. Gather feedback based on the simulation results. If you notice the metrics are not improving, modify the content and visualization.