Building and creation

Difficulty level — hard
Remember how many times Frodo wanted to turn back as he carried the Ring to Mordor? The very same happens with an applicant who can turn back at any stage of the marketing funnel. We offer this potion to increase the rate of applicants who complete testing without losing motivation along the way. We advise you , therefore, to add game mechanics to the standard test. Design an object for the candidate to create, such as a house. For every completed step, the house model will get a certain detail: a roof, a door, or a fence. That will further encourage the applicants to complete the test.


Conversion rate of testing completion will increase
The applicants are often afraid of taking a test, as they see them as too complex. The game mechanics will help such applicants to cope with it.
Employer brand awareness will increase
Since this mechanics is unique, the applicants are likely to share it with friends and acquaintances. That means that you will be recognized as a progressive employer by a greater number of people.

Key Performance Indicators

test completion rate
Track whether the conversion rate increased through mechanics. Take the most similar applicants databases with and without mechanics for this. Compare them. Do not change the questions in the test to avoid errors in the results due to other factors.
time spent on completing the test
When the applicants complete the test quicker and fully, that means that the mechanics are working.

Required resources

UI/UX designer
Project Manager

Game mechanics

– лимит по времени
– строительство

How to apply the Potion

Select the object to be built
It can be related to your line of business. For instance, a playground when you sell juvenile-products or a park when you sell seeds.
Consider ways to add elements and implement the mechanics
Your main goal is to engage the applicant in the process. We advise you to start with simple questions and let the candidate build the basic or major elements of the facility to get engaged. For instance, walls, roof, and a window for building a house.
Track the dynamics of indicators
Track 3-4 projects to determine whether the conversion rate to test completion has increased and whether the time it takes for candidates to complete the test has decreased.