Difficulty level — hard
Toss a coin to your colleagues: motivate them to recruit friends and give them a salary bonus or a gift. The higher the grade of a newcomer, the greater the profit. If the newcomer stays in the company for six months, his or her friend receives another bonus. These mechanics will reduce employee turnover and bring together employees with similar values.


Recruiters' duties will be simplified
The referral program will save you from HR lead generation. From now on, the recruiters will only engage in self-searching as a last resort.
Employee turnover rate will decrease
Being aware of the secondary bonus, the employee will take a more detailed approach toward the recommendation and will make a referral to a truly suitable applicant. In fact, the employee will willingly participate in the adaptation of a newcomer in the new position and certainly will not resign.
Fit-team will be hired
These mechanics are more likely to attract applicants who are suitable for the company's corporate culture. We often hire applicants who are similar to us, and they will refer colleagues who are similar to them.
The efficiency of the recruitment process will improve
The current employees are usually more subtle about determining which acquaintance will be a good fit for a particular role within the company. They understand the inner workings of the company and know what skills and knowledge are necessary for the newcomers.

Key Performance Indicators

recommendation rate dynamics
If the number of recommendations from current employees increases monthly, the bonus system functions well.
job-filling rate
More referrals means more relevant applicants, and therefore jobs will be filled faster.
decrease of employee turnover rate
Track the average tenure of newcomers at a new position. If the tenure increases, that means the efficiency of the recruitment process increases.
onboarding time
Track whether the time it takes for managers to onboard newcomers has decreased. If it has, that means that the overall grade level of applicants has improved.

Required resources

The presence of a portal or a personal account is not necessary, you can use Google Sheets.
UX/UI designer
Project manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Calculate the cost of recruiting applicants
Keep track of how much money you spend per inbound relevant resume. Usually, the higher the grade of a professional employee, the higher the cost. This can include the cost of advertising the vacancy, as well as the services of a recruitment agency. Assign your coworkers a bonus that is equal but slightly reduce the sum. This way, you will save on recruiting applicants while still keeping your employees happy.
Notify employees of the program launch
Submit a newsletter, post information on the program on the portal. The best way is to make a presentation and explain the reasons for this novelty. Highlight that the main task is to find a permanent member for the team. That is why the bonus is not paid out immediately. The more thoroughly employees approach the referral, the more profitable it is for everyone.
Be sure to keep track of the benchmarks
In six months, the results can be shared with the whole company. This will further motivate employees to participate in the program.