Credit check-list

Difficulty level — easy
Do you remember Harry buying all the necessary things following the list before the first visit to Hogwarts? Provide your clients with the same check-list. But add something different — make it interactive with loan obtaining as a target, for example, a car loan or a consumer credit. Provide mini-quests within the check-list — documents provision and their signing. Grant the clients non-financial rewards or bonuses for correctly performed actions. To make the check-list more effective, use time limits to make the user complete the quest faster. This tool will help you find a common ground with the client and clarify complex notions.


Client loyalty will increase
The client will see that simplicity and speed of understanding the process of purchasing a complex product is important to you, which means that he/she will be more loyal to you from the start.
Introduction to the product will become more convenient
Introduction to the product will be more convenient for the client due to a user-friendly game interface and a clear interaction with it.
The frequency of cross-sales will improve
This interactive check-list will offer to purchase the related products as one of the quests. Native integration encourages the client to purchase complementary services.

Key Performance Indicators

Number of cross-sales
If the check-list is non-intrusive and user-friendly, the number of purchased products in cross-sales format will go uplift.
Users' NPS
Measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The metric indicates the participants' willingness to recommend this format of products purchasing to other clients. The higher the employees' level of satisfaction is, the higher the NPS is. If NPS is above 7, everything is done correctly.
The number of participants
When this format of products purchasing is attractive and convenient for clients, the number of clients using this tool increases.

Required resources

Project manager
Product methodologist
UX/UI designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Describe the stages of product purchasing
Specify those of them that can be included in the check-list as mini-quests. For instance, attaching and signing any documents, completing the form. Other stages can be time-limited: approval of a credit request, insurance validity, filing of documents, etc. Be sure to provide clients with a clear description of all stages.
Develop a check-list
The check-list can be either a part of a client application with all your company's products or a separate website. This choice depends on your needs and capabilities. If your company does not have a client application, only a separate website with a check-list is available. But if you have such an application, it is advisable to include the check-list in it, so as to keep the client's logical interaction with the company. Mini-quests should be simple: attaching files, answering questions and short tests, phone conversations with the manager. The client should be rewarded for each correctly performed action: these can be rating points in the progress bar, badges in the profile, or greeting cards. When the product is in the process of purchasing, a time limit should be implemented if necessary and if there are time restrictions. This will make the client perform actions in a limited time.
Launch the pilot run
We recommend conducting a pilot run on a limited number of loyal clients to understand the tool's level of compliance with your target audience. This will help detect bugs and eliminate them before the general release of the product.
Organize a full-fledged launch and track the indicators
After the pilot run and elimination of bugs, organize a full-fledged launch of the check-list for all clients. Regularly track the metrics and be sure that all clients have got acquainted with the whole check-list. This will help you modify the check-list or its delivery format, if necessary.