The return of the prodigal customer

Difficulty level — medium
It is up to you to grant your customers the Order of Merlin or beknight them! But most importantly, encourage them to return to your product or service. The reward does not necessarily have to be granted for the purchase; the fact that they returned is enough. A tangible and non-tangible bonuses system will develop the habit of using the product more often among your customers.


Customers will develop a habit of using the product
A recurring action develops a habit. Being granted a reward for it motivates to repeat the action. Reward your customers for repeating the targeted action, and they will start to do it more often.
The number of repeat purchases will increase
Connect the rewards to repeat purchases. For instance, you can gradually increase customers' discounts when they have ordered a certain amount of products.
The average purchase size will go up
When the habit of using your service is developed, more and more customers will start purchasing your products.

Key Performance Indicators

retention rate
Calculate customer retention rate. Use the following formula: R = number of customers at the end of the period — number of customers gained over the period — number of customers at the beginning of the period x 100%.
number of purchases
Track the overall increase in the number of purchases of customers that you started to reward for their return.
average purchase size
Track the overall increase of the average purchase size of your customers who you started to reward for their return.
time spent at the service
The overall time spent by customers at your service should increase after the implementation of the potion.
number of rewards spent
You can track whether the rewards are appealing or not by the amount of them spent by customers.

Required resources

UX/UI designer
Project manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Define the type of rewards and divide the audience into segments
With the help of an analyst, identify which type of rewards will be granted for certain categories of customers for their return to the service. You most likely have various categories of customers, each with different habits and motivations. For instance, some will be psychologically pleased to receive badges or virtual rewards, while discount hunters will be attracted to promo codes or lower prices for their favorite category of products. In comparison, competitive customers will be attracted by statuses and ratings. For instance, the feature of the Gett Taxi service is the use of such statuses as Maestro, Sultan, Your Majesty, and so on. Try various types of rewards to get the best results.
Implement a reward system into your service
Customers should be able to gain access to their rewards easily. Set up a specific section in the drop-down menu or place an icon with rewards next to the user profile details.