Progress bar

Difficulty level — medium
The success bar will encourage the applicant to fill out the profile more actively. Everything is based on the same principle as in dating apps or fairy tales, where a girl encounters a prince charming; in order to attract attention, you have to tell more about yourself. The applicant fills out the profile and increases his rating. Certain details "cost more": for example, if an applicant adds a photo, contact information, or a history of past employments, the scale would go up by 30%. Subsequent blocks will bring fewer and fewer percentage points. This will encourage an applicant to fill out the profile more thoroughly — and who does not want to get a "swipe right" from a recruiter?


A recruiter will spend less time
A recruiter will spend less time From now on, a recruiter will spend less time contacting applicants and asking them to fill up the profile and more time on completing much more useful and interesting tasks.
The applicants will be more active in filling out their profiles
Many of them do not fill out profiles simply because they do not know how to do it correctly or are afraid of making a mistake. A high-quality system of reminders, rewards, and explanations will make this process much more clear and comprehensible.

Key Performance Indicators

time spent on the website
Track whether it has increased. If it has, that means that applicants are more effectively involved in the process of filling out the profile; they add, delete or edit something.
long-term applicant retention
The more time the applicants have spent on your portal and the more effort they put into filling out the profile, the stronger their emotional attachment will be. And that means, the next time the applicants will be looking for a job, they will definitely come to you.
the amount of filled out blocks
If the amount increases, that means that the potion works.
profile filling out rate
There are two indicators worth tracking here. The first one — a reduction of the amount of time from registration to full completion of the profile. The second — an increase in the rate of profiles filled out.
an increase in the rate of applicants approval
This is an indirect yet representational indicator. If the potion is effective, more resumes will be approved. As the higher the amount of key information in the profile, the higher the probability that the applicant will pass to the next stage of the selection round.

Required resources

Project manager
UX/UI designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Prioritize the blocks
Create a data sheet. Write down all the blocks of the profile in descending order of priority. Give a detailed description of all the points an applicant can put in the profile. Provide the fields for free filling. Note: sometimes, the points that do not fit into any classification can be crucial in the screening process.
Develop a scoring system
Identify, with the help of an analyst, for which filled blocks you will give the most points. We suggest the following option: 20–30% for filling out the information on education and the same amount of points for the information about work experience. In order of importance, add 2—5% for every subsequent block. Be sure to give the applicant a round number of points, such as 70, after filling out the most important information. Set up a more challenging system of getting from 70% to 100%. However, avoid giving the applicants the feeling that the result is unattainable; they should still be able to reach the desired 100%.
Develop a notification system
Develop a push notification system: remind the applicants of the points they still have to gain. Make sure to explain the process of filling out the profile, the "cost" of each block, and outline the benefits of filling out the profile in detail.
Track the indicators
Adjust the scoring system and frequency of reminders for better results.