Virtual achievements

Difficulty level — medium
And the Oscar goes to... If your employees like to hear this, try implementing a system of virtual rewards. For instance, when the employees achieve an 80% KPI, they can receive an eligible award. Or even a better one when the KPI raises to 90% and more. On the basis of these awards, you can give the employees a salary bonus or non-tangible gifts. The fact that the awards are visible to the entire team motivates the employees to work at their best.


The benchmarks will improve
The game form and a chance to get a bonus will motivate the employees to work even harder.
The satisfaction rate of the employees will increase
Instead of preparing the dull reports on work performance, an employee will now participate in a game. A negative motivation (fail to do something and get in trouble) gets replaced by a positive one (achieve a goal and receive a bonus).

Key Performance Indicators

KPI dynamics
The potion works if, after two to three months, personal and corporate KPIs increase.
number of badges granted
The more employees thank each other for the work done, the higher their engagement is. Track this indicator to test the potion's effectiveness.
the satisfaction rate of the employees
Carry out a survey and learn whether the overall satisfaction rate of the employees has improved.

Required resources

UX/UI designer
HR manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Hire an analyst to figure out which indicators can be improved
You have to figure out the specific indicators of each department's performance that will affect the overall revenue, margin ratio, and value of the company. Connect these indicators to the personal performance assessment of each type of employee. We advise you to recruit a competent analyst for it.
Set up a badge system
First of all, design badges for each indicator: for someone who cut down expenses, increased operating speed, or attracted new customers. Then design the grading of these badges in a scale format.
Inform your colleagues of this change
Express the value of this change in the form of newsletters or offline meetings for all employees. Be sure to remind your employees about the mechanics with push notifications.
Assess the results
In three to four months, check whether the mechanics have had an impact on improving the overall performance. When analyzing, exclude factors beyond the control of your employees, such as a decrease in demand for the company's product, changes in the currency exchange rate, and others.