Accumulation of mastery

Difficulty level — hard
Upgrade your customers' units just like in computer games. Do this by using different combinations of quantitative mechanics that assess the user by experience and skill accumulation. When they are gradually upgrading, you unlock new features, and a user becomes your established customer and returns to your product.


Returns to the product will increase
A properly set up system will increase the users' interest in the product and keep them emotionally attached to it for a long time. An accumulated level and a status will grant them privileges, hence, making them use your product much more often than the product of your business rivals.
Average purchase size will go up
Set up a system that will increase the customers' level and motivate them to purchase again. For instance, give away points equal to the amount of money spent. Once a certain number of points is accumulated, upgrade the level and grant new privileges, such as a gift, a higher discount, etc. You can also connect the increase of the customers' level to the number of orders made, the percentage of goods redemption, or the overall number of purchases.
Number of repeat purchases will increase
Similar to the previous step, focus on increasing the number of repeat purchases. Reduce the delivery cost for higher levels, and increase the speed of orders processing. The customer will then know to come to you when needed.

Key Performance Indicators

dynamics of user upgrade
Your system should be designed in a way that will gradually increase the number of users with a high level of achievements.
increase in repeat transactions
Make sure that the customers participating in your program make more transactions. If there is no distinction between the indicators of customers with a high skill level and the rest of them, it means the potion does not work.
average purchase size
The average purchase size of the customers participating in your program should increase pro-rata to their level. If it does not, that means your system is not motivating enough.
time spent on the website or in the app
Users with a high level of engagement should spend more time on your service. They will spend it on exploring products and services, learning about your bonuses, and making notes and bookmarks.

Required resources

UX/UI designer
Graphic designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Set up a users' progress system
Involve analyst and marketing expert. You should design a program that enables the user to level up through gamification mechanics, such as points accumulation, progress bar, and ratings. Each of those mechanics should make a targeted action reach your KPIs.
Design CJM
CJM (Customer Journey Map) is a map of the customer journey. It indicates the stages of the customers' interaction with your brand, customers' and company's actions on each stage, as well as emotions and feelings that this contact causes. Fill out this map as thoroughly as possible, and be sure to include all of your omnichannel contact options — offline, online, phone. Define all mechanics that will motivate users to make targeted actions and increase their level using the information on this map.
Inform and motivate users
That can be done through a variety of communication channels: newsletters, push notifications, website banners, offline and TV advertising. A message and a call to action on each communication channel should match a certain point on the above-mentioned CJM.