Difficulty level — medium
Design halls of fame for your customers or suppliers. Compare them by using leaderboards. A chance to compare oneself to others increases activity, engagement, and retention rate in the service.


Engagement with the service will increase
Users will understand their success rate by comparing their results with others and will know what actions they need to take to improve their results.
The retention rate will increase
Users will, for the same reason, use the service more frequently during the day to track their ratings. The more frequently they use the service, the more useful actions they perform. Users will furthermore develop a habit of using the service more often.
The traffic rate will increase
Allow users to share their ratings. They will then provide extra free traffic and increase your recognition rate.

Key Performance Indicators

Retention Rate
Calculate customer retention rate. Use the following formula: R = number of customers at the end of the period — number of customers gained over the period — number of customers at the beginning of the period x 100%.
The amount of time spent at service
The overall time spent at your service should increase. First of all, users will spend additional time exploring their ratings. Secondly, the rating system will motivate users to make extra actions that will require additional time.
Number of reposts
Motivate your users to share their achievements. The "share" button should be visible and lead to various social networks.
number of the rating page views
Set up a system to inform users of their rating to increase this indicator. You should first inform them of its presence with a push notification or other tool. Secondly, the rating icon should be visible and accessible from any page of your service.

Required resources

UX/UI designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Connect the rating with the main indicator of users' activity.
Implement a specific indicator for each service. For an online retail store, it will be the number of purchases and reviews. For learning platforms — the number of points earned during the learning process. For taxi service — the number of specific rides, and so on. The rating should indicate the key indicator of your users' engagement in the service.
Set up a rating page
Set up a specific section on the website, in the app, or a pop-up screen. The rating should indicate the user's position among others. It is advisable to specify the number in the ranking only for the first 10 to 30 participants. You may indicate in what percentage of the best other users have got into. This way, the system will not demotivate or upset its users. Brightly design the rating page using positive icons and images.
Motivate users to increase their rating
Notify users of the rating system and the ability to increase it regularly. Create a section with tips and tricks to help users increase their ranking. Use all of the suitable promotion channels: newsletters, push notifications, and messages from chatbots.