case analysis
Maksimova A.
Overview: the application and capabilities of the quiz mechanic
Maksimova A.
Обзор: применение и возможности квиз-механик
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A quiz is a set of questions on any topic that needs to be answered correctly. They can be used in different ways, for example: in games like "Who wants to become a millionaire?" or in print media puzzles.


Quizzes have always been and will always be popular. Even if a person did not participate in the quiz game himself, he definitely saw how others do it. This is a simple, accessible and exciting game format that unites people of different generations.


Modern digital technologies have increased the effectiveness of quizzes:

  • You can play online whenever and wherever you want;
  • Instant result;
  • Vivid visualization (icons, animation, and so on)
  • Social "connectivity" — you can compete with others, share a quiz and your result.


To learn more about quiz games-what tasks can be solved with their help, which formats are the most effective and how to avoid mistakes in the mechanics — read our review.

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