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The Gamification Lab now has a Potions section containing gamification recipes
Potions are here

Gamification Potions – is a multipurpose tool for different business areas. They can help onboard employees, attract customers, increase brand awareness, or prepare your company for cyberattacks. You may use Potions to solve real-world practical tasks if you are a manager, a specialist, or a business owner. 

Potions Cookbook is a practical guideline that combines a mix of different gamification techniques and mechanics. The output is a clear and ready-to-use formula that will solve a specific problem. Potions will indicate which KPIs to target and the number of resources needed for implementation. 

There are currently more than 60 potions in four categories at the service available: Marketing, HR, Sales, and Cybersecurity. Other sections to come are Events, Education, and Health.