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We’ve launched an app for acquiring useful habits

We have developed a free app called Better as a personal wellness assistant for everyone interested in acquiring useful habits and not giving them up. 

Within this app, there is a total of 17 educational programs that have been written by experts. Easy-to-understand tasks without any dull theory help users to fix their sleep habits, not to give up exercising, have a proper and enjoyable diet, and restore their emotional resources on time. We have also set up a system of rewards and visual progress to help users acquire new habits. 

Why is Better so cool: 

— Better is a SuperApp, which means there are lots of content and built-in microservices, yet it is not too sophisticated but rather user-friendly; 

— Any lesson can be completed in 1 to 3 minutes;

— The content can be read, viewed, or listened to. An app has workout videos and audio meditations;

— An attentive virtual assistant, Eve reminds users of important tasks and motivates them to move forward;

— An advanced backend enables the app to process and protect a large amount of user data. A convenient API is set up for external developers to provide a way to easily add new micro-apps and update any embedded content. 

— No frustrating ads. 

Download Better and get a personal wellness assistant. 

iOS / Android