New December digest “Gamification and games in education”
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Since the first digest, we have undergone a lot of changes, such as transforming from the Sberbank Gamification Lab into the Sber Gamification Lab. The title became shorter, whereas the new digest, contrariwise, became longer and more intense. And that is all because the central theme of this digest is wide-ranging and boundless.


Our second digest is dedicated to education as the major line of our research and development. We study the ways new technologies are changing the school system, analyze content consumption patterns and students' behavior, and pursue to understand the ways games and gamification can be used to assess and improve educational processes and outcomes.


Digitalization challenges the conservative educational policy and forces us to reconsider traditional educational practices. Modern children are learning via Zoom and present their reports in Minecraft, all while the Leo from the Lingualeo app appeals to students far more than the lecture from a real teacher.


But why is it so? How can virtual characters help both the teacher and the student? Why do we need to teach biology in the augmented reality? Which role do the modern teachers play, and how can technologies help them? What do we need to learn about students' interests to make education exciting for them?


These questions and many more will be answered in this digest. Do not miss it!

You can read the digest here