In-game poll

Difficulty level — easy
Do you remember unloved OWLs in Harry Potter? The reason is that it was not in the in-game poll format! Use a small test to get feedback from clients and consumers. Users will test their knowledge on topics and become more self-aware, and you will get a better understanding of your target audience. For example, if your company represents the banking sector, make a financial literacy poll.


You will know consumers’ opinion
You can hide some questions in the test to help you determine the level of consumer awareness about your product and to get feedback about its quality.
Sales volume will extend
When the test is completed, you can commend a person for his results and offer to buy your product. Your offer should be related to the user's results to make it more relevant. For example, offer to activate the number identification service in case a person's answers about phone fraudsters were wrong.
Brand/product awareness will increase
Users will learn something new, receive valuable information, and will get satisfied with correct answers. Your brand will be associated with a good impression. This is a form of native advertising — a person benefits from a new experience with the advertising hidden inside.

Key Performance Indicators

Click through rate (CTR)
CTR is defined as the ratio of the number of clicks on a banner or advertisement to the number of impressions. This metric is measured in percentages. Monitor it so that to analyze the level of the attractiveness of your game advertisement. Game development will be less effective if there is no high-quality promotion.
number of reposts
This metric shows how strong is emotional engagement you have created in users. With the increase in the reposts' number, product awareness rises.
use of hyperlinks
If the traffic on the product page has increased, then you have succeeded in getting customers interested. Remember to leave the link to the site after the test is completed.
CPC (Cost per Click)
This metric will show you the price for the targeted click switching a person from the advertisement to the website. We recommend that you consider referrals to the site instead of the beginning of the client's interaction with the test

Required resources

Project Manager
UI/UX designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Study your customers' issues
Describe in detail all the problems and challenges your client faces in everyday life. In what ways can your product help him or her overcome them? Apply the Value Proposition Design model of A. Osterwalder.
Make a test
The test should be of average difficulty: users should not be self-disappointed and should learn new things. To define the questions' complexity level, organize a focus group and find out the average level of knowledge of the target audience. It is better to show the correct answer right away, before moving on to the next question. This technique keeps users attentive and involved.
Create a landing page
The landing page should contain both messages about game divination and basic information about the brand/product. This is necessary to catch users' attention.
Launch the promotion
Analyze the channels that your current and prospective consumers, your target audience follow. Make a promotion plan and track KPIs.
Offer a reward
At the end of the test, offer to choose one of the bonus options. For example, a discount for a recommendation to friends or a gift for the maximum number of correct answers. A nice bonus will please users, and you will increase your coverage.