A key on website

Difficulty level — easy
Hide the golden key on the site while providing only a piece of information in the mailshots. When the client realizes that the basic part is missing, he will go to the main website for more of it. There you will be able to further introduce the product to users.


Customers' interest in the product will increase
You involve users in interaction in two ways:

Creating an intrigue. Enthusiasm and love for the unknown will encourage users to go to the site.
Adding the contact points. users will interact with your company through the following chain: push notification of an email — mailshot header — mailshot body — website. When creating intrigue at each level, you increase the probability of moving to the next. The more the client interacts with you, the faster he/she remembers you and gets attached to the product.
Sales will increase
The more there are contact points with the product, the greater interest and trust it evokes. Therefore, the client will be less hesitant during the purchase process. Intrigue can be created around your product. There are several examples of companies that unveil the product characteristics without naming it and ask clients to find out what special offer is waiting for them on the website. Alternatively, they offer a discount without mentioning its size. Thus, companies' sites receive traffic from involved and already interested users.

Key Performance Indicators

open Rate
It indicates the number of times subscribers have opened your emails. It is measured in percentages and is calculated by dividing the number of opened emails by the number of emails successfully delivered. Headlines can increase this metric; these should be teaser headlines directly related to your clients' interests and goals.
click-through rate
Click-Through Rate determines the number of clicks on email links. It is measured in percentages and is calculated by dividing the number of recorded clicks by the number of successfully delivered messages. In order to increase it, the text of a letter should be carefully worked out. It should possess all the features of an involving story: the beginning, climax, resolution, and call to action. If everything has been logically structured, you will get the coveted click on the button.
unsubscribe rate
It shows the number of users having clicked on the unsubscribe link (usually placed in the footer) and having refused to receive any mailshots. It happens when your emails are not relevant for the reader or if they are too frequent.
bounce rate
This is the number of people who left the site, most often because they were not interested in it. They entered and immediately left the site without doing anything significant (scrolling, switching to other web pages, time on the site). The key to your intrigue should not be disappointing for users: an answer to the question should be surprising, and the bonus should be significant.

Required resources

E-mail marketer
Graphic designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Segment your base for mailshot
Divide your subscribers according to different aspects: demographic, behavioral, and consumer. Characterize these groups: their interests, habits, and tasks.
Choose the type of intrigue
Each group will have its own type of intrigue. They can be divided into two major groups:

content-based. These intrigues are informative and educational and should not be directly related to your product sales. For example, a mailshot for car drivers may be the following: "Vasya was unexpectedly fined 30 thousand roubles. Learn how not to be Vasya". Such intrigues will help you bring traffic to your site and build an emotional connection with users.
selling. These intrigues bait users on the site in order to further sell the product. For example: "You would not believe it, but the most expensive average bill in our pizzeria was...". Further, you reveal the intrigue on the site and suggest buying a certain product, a pizza in this case.
Track KPIs
Remember to assess the mailshot effectiveness. Calculate ROMI and KPIs. Assess the mailshot effectiveness and decide if it is worth continuing to send it.