Avatar assistant

Difficulty level — hard
Who would not like to be Aladdin and get a personal genie fulfilling all the wishes? Avatar assistant can do it for your user. It will be possible to create an assistant in the app: to choose the appearance, behavior features, or to use an existing one. The presence of an avatar makes users emotionally attached to the service and facilitates interaction with it.


Product engagement will increase
When a user customizes an avatar for himself, he becomes emotionally attached to it.
Product introduction process will be accelerated
A personal assistant will make it easier to perceive information, and if something is unclear, users will be able to ask questions and get immediate answers.
Support team costs will decrease
Now users will more often ask for the assistance of the avatar rather than that of a support team.
Returns to the product will increase
The avatar has a slight resemblance to the Tamagotchi. users will put their heart on its creation and will gift it with human features. Therefore, users will return to the product to see how their avatar is doing.
Product awareness will increase
An awesome avatar generator will add to your popularity in the market.

Key Performance Indicators

retention rate
Track user's total returns to the product. We also suggest taking notice of whether new and old user's returns have changed.
number of requests to the assistant
This metric will determine if it is technically convenient to interact with the avatar and whether the scripts are well developed. Perhaps, the avatar is perfect as itself, but it could be utterly practically useless.
number of references in the media
Your task is to get extra coverage of your product.
the avatar customization level
If you have provided users with the possibility of customizing the avatar, pay attention to how deeply he plunges into the process of creating an assistant. The more intense this immersion is, the greater engagement in your product you will get.

Required resources

Graphic designer
Project manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Study the target audience and choose the avatar type
First of all, decide whether you will add the avatar customization option to your product. If so, you need to decide how it will function. Who should the avatar resemble? Should it be realistic or schematically sketched? Or maybe it will be close to Japanese manga characters? If customization is not provided, you need to consider the image of an all-around character. Try to make him/her resemble an average representative of the target audience.
Develop an avatar
Engage an artist, an animator, a motion designer, and a development team. Alternatively, contact an agency providing 3D graphics services for games.
Develop a script of the avatar's conversations with users
You should provide two sets of scripts. The first one will communicate on abstract common topics, and the second one will assist users in the product navigation.
Integrate the avatar into the system
Engage your product manager and the development team to decide when and how often users should see the avatar. Remember that there should always be an option to disable interaction with the assistant.
Track the KPIs
Watch how users interact with the avatar, in what cases and how they address it. This will help make the assistant more effective.