An engaging quest

Difficulty level — medium
Arrange a real Fort Boyard with challenges to complete and the grand prize! It should be a specific quest with well-formulated challenges. It will focus customers on a specific action and engage them in your product-related activities. Set up a reward for the winner and organize entertaining activities for the rest of the competitors. Here is a good example of such quests from the MTS network provider. The participants received cards with a QR-code containing the encrypted address of the next checkpoint, where a new code was hidden. A team that deciphered all the codes the quickest and arrived at the finish line first was rewarded the smartphone.


The key actions will be done faster
Develop a habit of doing a targeted action through quests in your customers. For instance, switch it from offline to online. The clothes retailers may hide encrypted messages for a customer to find in the store's application.
Brand awareness will increase
Scale up your quest. A marketing campaign to promote the activity will cost you less than promoting the product due to its newsworthiness. As long as the quest is engaging, popular media sources and bloggers will report on you.
Product credibility will increase
Customers will be left with pleasant emotions and memories of the process of completing a quest. They will be associated with your brand and product for a very long time.

Key Performance Indicators

number of participants
It is one of the main indicators of your products' success. You are to spread the word about your product and brand to your customers via unique formats.
number of participants who have completed the quest
The more the number of participants who are engaged in the quest till its completion is, the better. Return them by giving additional tasks and a system of reminders.
number of references in the social networks
You can indirectly assess an increase in your brand awareness from the quest by tracking the number of references to the brand and quest information in social networks. Create social network accounts to simplify the task and let users tag you. It is also advisable to set up a system of hashtags.
increase in the number of new customers
Grant the quest participants a promo code for a discount. Then you will be able to track the number of new customers who joined you directly through the quest. Separate this number from the established customer using CRM data.

Required resources

Graphic designer
Project manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Analyze your target audience and set up a basic structure of your quest
– Involve game designers or scriptwriters to work on your quests. Study the audience, and analyze your product's values and characteristics. Using this information, develop interactive mechanics. Consider which characteristics and values the user should learn about during the quest.
– Set up a system of user retention in the quest. Define your main prize for the winners, and do not forget to reward the rest of the participants. Decide on the mid-stage rewards. These can be either real mini bonuses (a discount on the product) or virtual ones (points, scores, rewards). You can also retain players through social factors, such as recognition badges in the player community.
Set up the rules and let users track their progress
The quest rules should be very simple and clear, and most importantly, they should not contain any traps and pitfalls. Provide feedback for users to let them understand whether they are passing the quest correctly. For instance, you can implement a system of notifications on being in the right location.
Inform potential participants of the quest
Use all of the available promotion channels. Adjust your marketing campaign based on the peculiarities of a certain category of potential players.
Arrange a quest and reward the winners
You should implement a section with frequently asked questions about the quest and a special live chat support service. Your primary support service should also be informed about the quest. It should be ready to answer the questions about the quest and know which specialist to transfer the call or chat to. Reward the winners publicly to boost coverage and create additional newsworthiness.