CV leaderboard

Difficulty level — medium
Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Encourage applicants to fill out detailed CVs via your website and allow them to understand their position among other applicants. This is like at Hogwarts — you get points for your answers. Pop-up prompts can help the applicants, for instance: "provide details about education and get 1 point", "specify the degree of proficiency in Excel and, with a wave of a magic wand, — earn 2 points". The system will prompt the applicant as to where his CV ranks among the best and simplify the recruiter's work.


Recruiter saves time
An HR often has to prompt the applicant about the lack of information in the CV — now this process will be automated.
The applicants will fill out the CVs more thoroughly
Applicants are now motivated by reminders from the system and an increase in the rating of their CVs.

Key Performance Indicators

time spent on the website
This is an indirect yet representational indicator. Track whether the applicant's time on the site has increased. When the average time rises, applicants are more effectively engaged in the process of filling out the profile. Perhaps they are changing the information: adding, deleting, or editing something.
profile filling out rate
There are two indicators worth tracking here. The first one — a reduction of the amount of time from registration to full completion of the profile. The second — an increase in the rate of profiles filled out.
applicants' approval rate at the screening stage
The higher the amount of key information in the profile, the higher the probability that the applicant will pass to the next stage of the selection round.
applicants' approval rate at the stage of a telephone interview
Based on the completed CV, you can immediately determine whether or not the applicant meets the formal criteria.

Required resources

Graphic designer
UI/UX designer
Project Manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Prioritize CV blocks
As the applicants fill out the profile in My Account, they can see where their CV ranks on the list of best CVs. Therefore, We advise you to compile a list of important blocks and prioritize them. For instance, an applicant is granted 1 point for holding a university degree and an extra 0.5 for graduation from one of the universities on the priority list.
Create a number of motivating push notifications
The applicant should receive a notification for each completed block that encourages the applicant and reminds of the awarded points. This will motivate the applicant to further fill the profile out. For instance: "Applicants with a profile like yours are approved 80% of the time. Fill out the information on your education and increase your chances of success".
Notify applicants of their ranking on a regular basis
This way, they will be reminded of the fact that they increase their lead in the list of CVs filling out the profile.