Score streak

Difficulty level — hard
Alice jumped down the rabbit hole after the White Rabbit and enjoyed an unforgettable adventure. A Score Streak system worked for her. This mechanic allows users to receive more points than usual. For instance, when the user has logged into the game at a specific moment or kept going for a certain amount of time. Score Streak can function in various ways; it can multiply the number of points earned by double or triple or give other rewards. This mechanic can be used for a wave increase in activity or volume of purchases.


Engagement with the use of the product will increase
Through multiplied profits and a time limit, users become actively engaged in the interaction with the product. This mechanic can also function offline.
Returns to the product will increase
Once you make Score Streak regular, you will get an additional tool to increase your Retention Rate.
Targeted actions will be done faster
Connect Score Streak to the targeted actions expected from customers. They can come in the form of reposting, posting content, purchasing, reviewing products or services, researching content, geotagging, and more.

Key Performance Indicators

number of campaign participants
The actions that have to be done by users to receive additional points must not be too complicated. Thus, a greater number of users will participate in this activity. Set up a certain KPI based on the average DAU (daily active users) indicator at the beginning and proceed from it.
the number of targeted actions performed
Set up a certain KPI per user in each category of targeted actions and track the indicator.
Retention Rate
Calculate customer retention rate. Use the following formula: R = number of customers at the end of the period — number of customers gained over the period — number of customers at the beginning of the period x 100%.

Required resources

UX/UI designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

List targeted actions
With the assistance of an analyst, link the overall KPIs of your company to the actions that are required from the user. If you need to lower new customers' engagement costs, encourage users to leave feedbacks and share their promo codes with friends. If LTV is important to you, focus on re-visits to the service. If your product is aimed at learning, determine the blocks that the student should go through. Develop a super-detailed table relating your business' KPIs to those targeted actions that could contribute to their changing.
Set up a system for granting points
The user will spend the points on extra tangible and non-tangible rewards, such as discounts, free delivery, unlocking new levels and content, and extra services. You should include the points to be spent in your marketing and product development budget. Adjust your budget to see how many points for users to earn you can afford to increase during Score Streak.
Motivate users to participate
Use all of the promotion channels. Inform your current users of the limited period of the multiple points increase. Notify them about it by doubling the number of notifications and newsletters. You may also try to advertise the product for cold customers or those who, for some reason, quit your service. This will help you increase the number of active users.