Digest about gamification, technology and bank
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This is the third digest by the Gamification Lab research team. This digest is dedicated to three major themes — gamification, technologies, and banking. The mix of these components can make the bank's products more marketable while also making routine workflows more engaging.

To be fair, there are only two articles devoted to banking in this digest. The first one is focused on ways to motivate employees at work with the help of game mechanics (which will be useful for managers), whereas the second is focused on the development of voice interfaces in banks. The methodology behind the ways to design gamification systems based on basic metagame mechanics is the core theme of this digest.

We have attempted to identify and present the intersection of various themes to the public. Such as what does gamification consist of? What are the points, badges, leaderboards, and the narrative layer? Can we find gamification elements in Sber? What makes bank employees excited, and what is worth considering during gamification? Why do so many people dislike the voice robot in the bank's tech support? How much potential does the smart points technology have, and where can it be implemented other than in banking?

This digest will, as always, answer all of these questions and many more in lay terms. Do not miss it!

You can read the digest here