Game collaboration

Difficulty level — medium
Force convergence is a frequent technique of various wizards. They combine their magic to achieve greater results. It is the same in-game collaboration: your product's awareness will increase due to a popular game. Users will become familiar with the brand on a platform they trust. The product can be either an active gameplay element or a static one. For example, in the first case, the character will visit the company within the game, and in the second one, he will wear clothes with your logo.


Brand credibility will uplift
It is easy to get the client acquainted with your product with the help of a popular game. Clients trust their favorite apps, so they are favorably disposed towards advertisements.
Product/brand awareness will boost
Games evoke emotions people want to share: to advise them to a friend, colleague, or relative. That will create a viral word-of-mouth effect making it possible to encompass more potential customers.

Key Performance Indicators

number of interactions in the game
Together with the game developer, you can make a game script where players need to interact with your product. Their number will show you the coverage.
Conversion rate (CR)
Try to provide for the possibility of going to your site from the game. It can be a banner popping up when clicking on a branded component or any other mechanics. Define the website conversion rate and draw the conclusion on the collaboration effectiveness.

Required resources

Graphic designer

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Choose a game for collaboration
A product should not be implemented into the existing game unless it is in high demand. If your product is suitable for a general audience, it is better to start with a demographic description of the target audience. Choose a game for collaboration in accordance with the age, gender, and income level data. Your target audience's and potential partner's profiles should be similar, as well as the brand common values.
Develop the product placement mechanics
–Choose the type of branded object. The least expensive and the most simple option is a static passive object. The character's branded clothes, for instance. A more complicated option is an active playable object. For example, your beverage, which the game character will drink.

– Together with the game developer, create a script for interaction with the branded object. The more complicated the script is, the greater commitment to the product you will get. The best but most expensive option is a special project within the game, with the whole episode dedicated exceptionally to the product or company. For example, when a shooter protagonist needs a new weapon and money to purchase it, he has to get financial literacy training (if you have a banking product).
Collect the data and draw conclusions
Track the number of interactions in the game and referrals to the site. You should also organize a focus group and look at how users interact with the content.