Virtual showcases

Virtual showcases is one of the basic gamification mechanics that focuses on in-game economics. Their function is to provide a convenient tool for a user to interact with in-game goods.

Virtual showcases belong to the "Virtual Shop" category within the Economics layer in the model of gamification (see Model)

Strong effect

User-friendly interface, helping to maintain a list of goods and their description, as well as tracking their forthcoming purchase, are the strengths of the virtual showcases.

Weak effect

The main feature of virtual showcases is the ease of their use. You have to thoroughly design them to keep users in the game.

Duration of the effect

A game with a small set of easy to interact with virtual showcases is suitable for short-term objectives. When the gamification is long-term, you should set up convenient navigation through virtual showcases as well as immediate access to seasonal items and special offers.

What can I do with this?

The main goal of gamification is to further motivate the user to act in one way or another. Gaining access to a new showcase is one of the motivating mechanics.
You can further spark users' interest by implementing interactive virtual showcases. Like when they can be examined or when we can track the necessary information and receive a detailed description. These interactions increase the time spent by users in the system and help them to memorize significant information.