Competency awards

Difficulty level — hard
Grant your employees with the Order of Merlin or beknight them! The manager may grant special badges for fulfilling KPIs or the best idea at a brainstorming session. Then when managers need employees for a department or a project work, they, relying on these badges, can assemble a team without recruiting externally. While searching for a particularly skilled employee, a manager will pay attention to those who have relevant experience.


It will be easier to move horizontally on the career path
These mechanics will simplify the search for people to join the team and give employees the opportunity to try something new by moving horizontally on their career path.
The overall work satisfaction level will increase
After receiving the badge, the employee feels recognition of the skills and efforts expended. The badge will also be visible to the colleagues and thus will increase the level of social approval.

Key Performance Indicators

number of badges granted
The more employees thank each other for the work done, the higher their engagement is. Track this indicator to test the potion's effectiveness.
number of employees recruited for the projects
The number of employees recruited for the additional projects is the main indicator of the potion's effectiveness. You will instantly notice an increase in employees' horizontal movements on their career paths after its implementation.
Employees NPS
This indicator reflects the overall level of satisfaction of an employee and willingness to recommend a product, service, or process. When the NPS > 7, that means you are doing everything right.

Required resources

UX/UI designer
HR manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Set up a matrix of competencies and skills
The competency model is a list of important work-related skills with specific indicators of their expression. List those competencies that are required for every type and grade of the employees to perform at their best. Consider the extent of these competencies in points.
Set up a system to grant the badges for displaying those competencies
Create a name and visual design of the badges for each competence. You may also consider grading within a single competency. For logical thinking, it can be the following: bright one, savvy, professor. Be sure to send the employees a reminder to grant the badges after each completed project.
Inform your colleagues of this change
Express the value of this change in the form of newsletters or offline meetings for all employees. Be sure to remind your employees about the mechanics with push notifications.
Help the employees become recruited for the temporary projects
Be sure to assign an HR responsible for horizontal movements. An HR should ensure that the new manager and the temporary project member understood the goals and objectives of the project, have set KPIs, and have found common ground.
Assess the results
Check after six months or a year whether the external recruitment rate for temporary projects has decreased. Survey the managers. Has the search for such employees become easier? Has the quality of projects improved due to internal recruitment? Has your employees' professional lives become more diverse? Have they broadened their horizons and improved their skills by participating in cross-functional projects?