Investment in ideas

Difficulty level — medium
Set up a Monopoly game in the company and give each employee a limited amount of virtual currency! From now on, some employees will be able to come up with ideas on the corporate portal, while others will invest virtual money in them. Should the idea be implemented, the employee who invested in the idea gets more coins returned to the account. The coins earned could be spent on tangible and non-tangible prizes.


Only the best ideas will be shown to you
With a limited amount of money to invest in an idea, the employees will be more careful in their choices. This way, not every idea will have an assessment nearby, but rather the ones that are actually valuable.
The employees become more engaged in the corporate life
From now on, the employees can see the real opportunity to have an impact on improving the company's work processes. They know that their opinion is valued. Whether the employees offered the idea themselves or evaluated the idea of a colleague, the most important is that their vote will be taken into account.
The performance efficiency will increase
The changes initiated by rank-and-file employees can often have a significant impact on the overall performance of the company. Middle-level and top-level managers may miss something. Let your colleagues share their ideas with you: they will cope with them better.
Collecting feedback from the employees will become easier
Through these mechanics, you will learn the weaknesses and strengths of your company. Find out what problems your employees face and what are the obstacles that prevent them from achieving results.
Implementing changes will be easier
Changes proposed by rank-and-file employees have long been proven to be more readily accepted by the team. After all, people made their own decision, and no one forced it on them from above.

Key Performance Indicators

website traffic
Implementing these mechanics should create a fuss. Track the overall website traffic indicators. When they grow, it means that the mechanics are of interest.
number of likes
The number of likes is the main indicator of the employees' engagement in the mechanics.
number of implemented ideas
When you have not implemented any of the ideas in two or three months, it means that either you do not want to hear your employees, or the ideas really were not worthy of attention. Analyze them once more. Cease the mechanics if you have not found any suitable ideas.

Required resources

UX/UI designer
Community manager
HR manager

Game mechanics

How to apply the Potion

Implement the necessary functions on the corporate portal
Set up a block where your employees can post their ideas. It should contain a text box and the option to attach links and documents. The employees should also be able to share their ideas with others and assess them.
Set up a system for ideas assessment
You may use two options. Either implement the ideas that scored higher overall or implement a point-based grading system. That means that every employee can rate the idea on a scale from 1 to 5. Pick a system based on the total number of active employees and ideas. The higher the activity, the more complex the system for ideas assessment should be.
Set up a reward system
Consider how you will reward those whose ideas gained the most support. Make your choice based on your budget and corporate culture. We advise you to reward the most active employees.
Inform your employees
Be sure to inform your employees of the rules of the mechanics and explain their ultimate utility. Show them that their opinion is very important to you and that you encourage any initiative.