Difficulty level — medium
Hercules had to carry out 12 Labours to prove that he was worthy of being a god. As for your applicants, they will have to try themselves in modeled work situations in order to get the desired offer. This roleplaying work-immersion game is a great substitute for the typical test day. Hold an online or offline game that will test whether the applicant has the skills necessary for the position. For instance, responsiveness for a cashier or the ability to remain calm in a difficult social situation for a customer service worker.


Employee turnover rate will decrease
First of all, the employees will refuse the offer themselves, if at this stage they realize that the work does not suit them. And secondly, it will help to eliminate unsuitable applicants from the company.
Employer brand attractiveness will increase
Only a few other companies employ such mechanics for recruitment. Therefore, when the applicants pass this stage, they will share the experience with their friends, which will impact the awareness of your employer's brand.

Key Performance Indicators

employee turnover rate
The better you screen newcomers' skills at the start, the more likely it is they will fit in the job and stay with you long-term.
refusal rate
Be sure to track this indicator. When it increases significantly, that could mean that the test day in the game format was too challenging for the applicants. The applicants were morally unprepared for such a selection round, got scared, and chose to join another company.

Required resources

Graphic designer
HR manager

Game mechanics

– гильдия
– общее пространство
– очки
– квесты
– лидерборды

How to apply the Potion

Specify the qualifications for the position
List a clear set of knowledge, skills, and qualities the applicant needs to pass the stage successfully. Score each point on the list according to its importance. What knowledge and skills should the applicant already possess? What knowledge should the applicant learn during the work process? What personal qualities does your company need?
Set up an applicant assessment system
Create a clear scoring system. You should have an understanding of how many points a candidate gets for displaying certain qualities. Think about the qualities without which the candidate cannot continue the further recruitment process for the vacancy. The assessment must be as objective as possible, regardless of the online or offline format.
Write a first working day script (online format)
Model 5-8 real-life work situations where the applicant must display the presence or absence of the characteristics from the list. Consider all possible scenarios in these situations. The applicant should receive a score for each situation. Engage other employees with whom the employee in this position will be in contact: they should take on the roles of managers, colleagues, customers. The applicant must necessarily interact with them during the game. Instruct these employees on the game. They should have a script and an understanding of both what and when they should say. Generate a list of work tasks that the applicant needs to solve during the game.
For instance, Formaposte designed a game where future postal workers learn how to allocate their resources efficiently: at what time to get up to not be late for the work, what to say to the customers to avoid making them angry, and how to divide the flow of the parcels without getting anything mixed up.
Create the gameplay of the game (for online format)
You can host the game on a standalone website or as part of your corporate platform. It is advisable to consult a specialized company or engage game designers to solve this problem. All game scripts can be transferred to an online format. Assess the knowledge and skills with tests and personal qualities by modeling social situations in a virtual game format. The scoring system can also be maintained.
Give a feedback
Be sure to give feedback to all applicants after the game, so they do not leave in disappointment and confusion. Describe their assessment and why they got these points.
Collect the feedback
Learn about the applicants' overall attitude toward this format, memorable details, and what impressions they came away with. It is advisable to adjust the game after each feedback session.