empirical research
Markina V., Maksimova A.
Game mechanics for motivating managers
Markina V., Maksimova A.
Игровые механики для мотивации руководителей
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We conducted 22 interviews with business unit managers to find out:


  • How do they see their role and goals in the bank;
  • How do they evaluate their work and the work of the team;
  • What motivates, causes a sense of pride and strengthens the competitive spirit;
  • How they notice and accept their own achievements and successes;
  • What do they think about gamification in general, what are the expectations from gaming tools?


What we found out

Managers understand what gamification is — how it can interest them, involve young employees in the workflow and motivate regional managers.

We have identified what drives managers to move forward, and offered several game tools that will help them do this. What kind of tools — read here.

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